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4-Step Approach to Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

Started Nov 15, 2023


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The 4-Step Approach to Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

Embark on a transformative online course designed to empower counseling and social work graduate students, as well as early-career professional therapists and counselors.  Get ready to unlock the secrets of treating co-occurring disorders with our dynamic 4-step approach.

Step 1 – Unveiling the Assessment/Screening Essentials: Delve into the core elements of a comprehensive co-occurring assessment. Discover the essential mental health and substance abuse assessment questions and screening tools that will equip you to understand your clients on a deeper level.

Step 2 – Decoding Substance Use Disorders - Diagnosis and Formulation:  Navigate the 11 DSM-V criteria for substance use disorders with confidence and unravel the mystery surrounding the top five substances encountered in clinics. Arm yourself with invaluable knowledge for better understanding clients with dual diagnoses and develop effective interventions.

Step 3 - Dimensional Decision Maker: Meet your guiding companion, the Dimensional Decision Maker, which will harness the power of the 6 ASAM Criteria dimensions and risk ratings to make informed choices in the face of substance abuse. Gain the confidence to chart the optimal path forward for your clients. 

Step 4 – Unleashing Evidenced Based Treatment Strategies:  Discover the most widely used evidence-based treatment approaches for co-occurring disorders. Explore how to seamlessly integrate these proven methods into the treatment planning process and make positive impacts on your clients.

Immerse yourself in engaging lectures, captivating videos, compelling case studies, and gamified quizzes that will elevate your learning experience. Take home a valuable resource guide and practical handouts to immediately apply your newfound expertise in real-world practice.

Embark on this journey today and emerge as a confident and compassionate practitioner, equipped with the tools to navigate the complex landscape of co-occurring disorders.


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